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13 Jan 2021
@freenode_FiReSTaRT:matrix.orgFiReSTaRT we'll see whether the spotify app works 23:00:57
@freenode_FiReSTaRT:matrix.orgFiReSTaRT and wcs i'll live without voice guidance lol 23:01:12
@freenode_izzy:matrix.orgizzySame for registration with Google Servers. All off by default.23:01:13
@freenode_testicon:matrix.orgtesticon left the room.23:01:27
@freenode_FiReSTaRT:matrix.orgFiReSTaRTtaking time setting up my phone from scratch23:01:31
@lernu-esperanto:matrix.orgUlf joined the room.23:02:16
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@freenode_izzy:matrix.orgizzy Each device is different. Mine luckily worked fine, though one doesn't get any more updates (vendor didn't fulfill his promises, so LOS couldn't update either) 23:02:37
@freenode_LjL:matrix.orgLjL izzy, okay, i replied before you posted the second message, with the first yes you said "by default" but it just seemed misleading. sorry if i didn't wait for you to have a chance to explain better but to "read again" doesn't help me 23:02:50
@freenode_LjL:matrix.orgLjL TTS can be an issue. Google hasn't really maintained PicoTTS in quite a while 23:03:12
@freenode_izzy:matrix.orgizzyOops? Did I miss any detail – or is it clear now?23:03:28
@freenode_izzy:matrix.orgizzyAnd maybe you missed the start of the conversation a few hours ago, where I put some of the details already.23:04:04
@freenode_LjL:matrix.orgLjL left the room.23:04:15
@appservice-irc:matrix.org@appservice-irc:matrix.orgchanged room power levels.23:04:17
@freenode_izzy:matrix.orgizzy <microG "emulates" most GMS features, but is fully FLOSS and has all "Google ties" disabled by default.> (about 6h ago) 23:04:50
@freenode_FiReSTaRT:matrix.orgFiReSTaRT in any case everything else works for me, so i didn't really need it 23:18:03
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@freenode_izzy:matrix.orgizzy if it ain't broke, don't fix it :D 23:37:00
@freenode_[gibot]:matrix.org[gibot][data] Rudloff opened !8147: New app: Rubbish Calc - https://gitlab.com/fdroid/fdroiddata/-/merge_requests/814723:40:28
@freenode_FiReSTaRT:matrix.orgFiReSTaRT does google tts 'phone home'? 23:40:33
@freenode_FiReSTaRT:matrix.orgFiReSTaRTtechnically i could source the apk and run that lol23:40:40
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