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23 Feb 2021
@luminor:matrix.orgluminor joined the room.06:25:32
@freenode_parsnip:matrix.orgparsniphmm, i could get myself into trouble without the %c, but ah well06:28:17
@freenode_parsnip:matrix.orgparsnipfor science06:28:25
@luminor:matrix.orgluminor left the room.06:28:47
In reply to @freenode_parsnip:matrix.org
hmm, to v, or not to v, that is the question
At least do it consistently within your projects. I have one with and the others without and get always confused. 🙃
@freenode_parsnip:matrix.orgparsniplol, matrix quotes in irc06:50:28
@freenode_parsnip:matrix.orgparsnipmatrix still broken huh?06:50:48
@freenode_parsnip:matrix.orgparsnipthis is bugging me, v%v seems like a bad idea, rather than v%v+%c06:54:45
@freenode_parsnip:matrix.orgparsnipi mean, the commit has the build number, why not include it in the tag06:54:58
@freenode_parsnip:matrix.orgparsnipit only bugs me because this fdroid build is the _only_ reason to put the %c there currently06:55:31
@freenode_parsnip:matrix.orgparsnip but then again, it's the only reason i need a tag, at the moment 06:55:41
@freenode_parsnip:matrix.orgparsnipbut v%v just feels cleaner06:55:50
@freenode_parsnip:matrix.orgparsnipthe ios build will only have the same %v06:56:05
@freenode_parsnip:matrix.orgparsnip but it's possible for the play store build to get out of sync with the fdroid build, i guess 06:56:34
@freenode_parsnip:matrix.orgparsnip oh well, i guess i'll continue on my scientific attempt at "minimalism", and remove the %c 06:57:29
@freenode_[gibot]:matrix.org[gibot][data] relan pushed to master: GoOutWithDuck - Disable versions and autoupdate - https://gitlab.com/fdroid/fdroiddata/commit/90e4408107:04:49
@freenode_parsnip:matrix.orgparsnipoof, monolithic git repo07:06:04
@freenode_bauruine:matrix.orgbauruine joined the room.07:17:13
@freenode_[gibot]:matrix.org[gibot][data] bradyt opened !8436: Add info.tangential.task 0.0.4 (4) - https://gitlab.com/fdroid/fdroiddata/-/merge_requests/843607:25:06
@freenode_[gibot]:matrix.org[gibot] [client] proletarius101 opened !976: Add the MobSF static application security testing - https://gitlab.com/fdroid/fdroidclient/-/merge_requests/976 07:27:59
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@freenode_perepujal:matrix.orgperepujal joined the room.07:32:52
@freenode_[gibot]:matrix.org[gibot] [client] proletarius101 opened !977: Add base ci job - https://gitlab.com/fdroid/fdroidclient/-/merge_requests/977 07:52:51
@freenode_[gibot]:matrix.org[gibot] [client] proletarius101 opened !978: Add dependency scaning - https://gitlab.com/fdroid/fdroidclient/-/merge_requests/978 07:57:20
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