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13 Apr 2022
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14 Apr 2022
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15 Apr 2022
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16 Apr 2022
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17 Apr 2022
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18 Apr 2022
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20 Apr 2022
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21 Apr 2022
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22 Apr 2022
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23 Apr 2022
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24 Apr 2022
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25 Apr 2022
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@_xmpp_mitch=40chat.podverse.fm:matrix.orgmitchHey all, I pushed a tag for Podverse about 24 hours ago, and I haven't seen a commit get merged into fdroiddata yet. The thing is a couple weeks ago we changed the regex in UpdateCheckMode to Tags ^[0-9.]+$ so I don't know if I introduced a problem?05:15:57
@_xmpp_mitch=40chat.podverse.fm:matrix.orgmitchi pushed tag 4.4.0 ~24 hours ago, but pushed a newer tag 4.4.1 just a few minutes ago05:16:26
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