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20 Aug 2022
@mathijs:matrix.vgorcum.comMathijs * here's the thing with trademark: the current version of it requires you to protect it08:49:55
@mathijs:matrix.vgorcum.comMathijswhich, IMO is an implementation error of the law08:50:08
@SylvieLorxu:matrix.orgSylviaI am preeeeeetty sure nobody is going to confuse Framework with Lenovo's Legion lines of laptops08:50:19
@SylvieLorxu:matrix.orgSylviaTrademark law is extremely flawed yeah08:50:42
@mathijs:matrix.vgorcum.comMathijsand the answer to this litigation is supposed to be: "is anyone buying this actually going to think it's from lenovo?" "no." "ok, then there's no infringement"08:50:54
@mathijs:matrix.vgorcum.comMathijsbut unfortunately this is not how trademark law is currently working08:51:10
@mathijs:matrix.vgorcum.comMathijsbut out of all 'IP'08:51:20
@mathijs:matrix.vgorcum.comMathijs * but out of all 'IP' laws, trademark is by far the least bad08:51:30
In reply to @zexu:matrix.org
Ubuntu next
I do wonder who used circle split into 3 parts first, probably Canonical
@SylvieLorxu:matrix.orgSylviaAnd companies like Dell have been selling laptops with Ubuntu, using the logo in listings08:52:27
@rdfg77:kde.orglinsuiAnd Chrome?08:52:29
@SylvieLorxu:matrix.orgSylviaChrome has an additional dot in the center :P08:52:51
In reply to @SylvieLorxu:matrix.org
And companies like Dell have been selling laptops with Ubuntu, using the logo in listings
So I am having trouble seeing how that differs from this, it is both "laptop related with cut up circle"
@SylvieLorxu:matrix.orgSylviaCouldn't you argue that if enforcement is required they already failed to do that in the past?08:54:53
@SylvieLorxu:matrix.orgSylviaBut Dell is big enough to sue them back, Framework is the small player they do dare to punch down on08:55:22
@mathijs:matrix.vgorcum.comMathijsalso, specifically this: this looks more like a childish thing than anything else, it doesn't have anything like the same vibe as their 'legion' thing08:55:30
@SylvieLorxu:matrix.orgSylviaI'm also looking through Lenovo marketing material and they only ever seem to use LEGION with the full word, never only the stylized O letter08:58:06
@SylvieLorxu:matrix.orgSylviaI am pretty sure Framework would win a lawsuit over this if it was a fair lawsuit, but it won't be because Lenovo has way more money so they could just push and delay until Framework runs out of money09:01:01
@SylvieLorxu:matrix.orgSylviaOkay someone sent me this picture: 09:05:14
Download image.png
@SylvieLorxu:matrix.orgSylviaSo that is just the O, although that O looks different to me09:05:29
21 Aug 2022
@mondstern:bubu1.eumondstern joined the room.16:43:21
22 Aug 2022
@mondstern:bubu1.eumondsternAch das ist auch eine Möglichkeit, seinen Google Account loszuwerden...18:39:55
@SylvieLorxu:matrix.orgSylviaEnglish article: https://www.nytimes.com/2022/08/21/technology/google-surveillance-toddler-photo.html19:18:41
@SylvieLorxu:matrix.orgSylviaI find most insane that Google refuses to unban him even after the cops literally give him a paper that says he is innocent19:19:10
@SylvieLorxu:matrix.orgSylviaBetter to become independent from Google before Google forces you to become independent cold-turkey19:19:49
23 Aug 2022
@festplattenschnitzel:matrix.orgFestplattenSchnitzelWow, Threema added NonFreeNet for Threema Libre. That's quite awesome (b/c honest)!18:19:05
@SylvieLorxu:matrix.orgSylviaPretty cool19:03:55

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