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2 Aug 2022
@enigma9o7:matrix.orgenigma9o7 joined the room.23:43:06
@enigma9o7:matrix.orgenigma9o7sure but I gotta go soon23:43:11
@enigma9o7:matrix.orgenigma9o7watermelondude, if yer computer does all that, sounds like its broken or something23:43:47
@watermelonsunriseneo:matrix.orgwatermelonsunriseneo | frequent flyer with f-droidbut then i use windows and it's perfect23:43:57
@enigma9o7:matrix.orgenigma9o7hmmmm ok then nvm23:44:04
@enigma9o7:matrix.orgenigma9o7but weird23:44:06
@enigma9o7:matrix.orgenigma9o7probably one common problem then23:44:13
@watermelonsunriseneo:matrix.orgwatermelonsunriseneo | frequent flyer with f-droidi've tried a lot of things 23:44:22
@enigma9o7:matrix.orgenigma9o7I bet you didnt try the sock trick.23:44:32
@enigma9o7:matrix.orgenigma9o7You gotta remove one sock, offer it to dobby, and spin around in your chair.23:44:41
@enigma9o7:matrix.orgenigma9o7After that most stuff works.23:44:44
@enigma9o7:matrix.orgenigma9o7If you are wearing no socks, it kinda sucks.23:44:57
@watermelonsunriseneo:matrix.orgwatermelonsunriseneo | frequent flyer with f-droidshould i get the reference23:45:00
@enigma9o7:matrix.orgenigma9o7Like me I'm barefoot right now.23:45:01
@enigma9o7:matrix.orgenigma9o7I only wear sock sin the winter.23:45:03
@watermelonsunriseneo:matrix.orgwatermelonsunriseneo | frequent flyer with f-droidi always wear socks23:45:10
@watermelonsunriseneo:matrix.orgwatermelonsunriseneo | frequent flyer with f-droidnever caught sockless23:45:20
@enigma9o7:matrix.orgenigma9o7The last time I wore socks was I think April or May23:45:21
@watermelonsunriseneo:matrix.orgwatermelonsunriseneo | frequent flyer with f-droidbut surely you dont put your dogs in shoes23:45:59
@watermelonsunriseneo:matrix.orgwatermelonsunriseneo | frequent flyer with f-droidwithout a sock..23:46:13
@enigma9o7:matrix.orgenigma9o7i just went on a 3 week road trip where we had to only bring what we needed due to limited space, and i wastaed space on a pair of shoes.23:46:19
@enigma9o7:matrix.orgenigma9o7that i never wore once.23:46:21
@watermelonsunriseneo:matrix.orgwatermelonsunriseneo | frequent flyer with f-droidwait so just no shoe23:46:32
@enigma9o7:matrix.orgenigma9o7well the only tim ei waer socks is for shoes, personally23:46:52
@watermelonsunriseneo:matrix.orgwatermelonsunriseneo | frequent flyer with f-droidno clue what you just said23:47:06
@watermelonsunriseneo:matrix.orgwatermelonsunriseneo | frequent flyer with f-droidam i having a stroke23:47:12
@watermelonsunriseneo:matrix.orgwatermelonsunriseneo | frequent flyer with f-droidhave you tried barefoot shoes tho? 23:47:41
3 Aug 2022
@srr24x7:envs.netsrr24x7 joined the room.00:41:07
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9 Aug 2022
@watermelonsunriseneo:matrix.orgwatermelonsunriseneo | frequent flyer with f-droid left the room.03:24:13

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