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9 Apr 2024
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11 Apr 2024
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21 Jul 2022
@mathijs:f-droid.orgMathijs (F-droid) set the history visibility to "world_readable".18:29:47
@mathijs:f-droid.orgMathijs (F-droid) set the room name to "F-Droid Offtopic".18:29:47
@mathijs:f-droid.orgMathijs (F-droid) set the room topic to "Offtopic chat for the F-Droid project".18:29:47
@mathijs:f-droid.orgMathijs (F-droid) invited @mjolnir:f-droid.orgmjolnir.18:31:16
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@mathijs:f-droid.orgMathijs (F-droid)changed room power levels.18:31:48
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22 Jul 2022
@rdfg77:kde.orglinsui joined the room.01:44:10
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2 Aug 2022
@watermelonsunriseneo:matrix.orgwatermelonsunriseneo | frequent flyer with f-droid joined the room.23:37:23
@watermelonsunriseneo:matrix.orgwatermelonsunriseneo | frequent flyer with f-droid changed their display name from watermelonsunriseneo to watermelonsunriseneo | frequent flyer with f-droid.23:37:39
@watermelonsunriseneo:matrix.orgwatermelonsunriseneo | frequent flyer with f-droidok23:37:42
@watermelonsunriseneo:matrix.orgwatermelonsunriseneo | frequent flyer with f-droiddo i still have to talk about f-droid23:38:03
@rdfg77:kde.orglinsuiyou can talk whatever you want.23:39:09
@watermelonsunriseneo:matrix.orgwatermelonsunriseneo | frequent flyer with f-droidi've tried like 15 distros some of the most popular and types of linux but they all didn't work with my pc23:39:45
@watermelonsunriseneo:matrix.orgwatermelonsunriseneo | frequent flyer with f-droidaudio would crackle, cut out or just not work for days and then work for a while23:40:20
@watermelonsunriseneo:matrix.orgwatermelonsunriseneo | frequent flyer with f-droidcrashed a ton and linux would brick itself not even letting me get to login screen23:40:46
@watermelonsunriseneo:matrix.orgwatermelonsunriseneo | frequent flyer with f-droidbrowsers and stuff would just crash all the time23:41:18

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