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31 Dec 2018
@freenode_mimi89999:matrix.orgmimi89999Happy new year!23:08:53
@freenode_justJanne:matrix.orgjustJanneHappy new year everyone!23:25:09
@freenode_justJanne:matrix.orgjustJanneπŸŽ† πŸ€ πŸŽ‰23:25:09
@nico:f-droid.orgNico AltπŸŽ‡23:36:14
1 Jan 2019
@uniq:matrix.orguniqHappy new year to all of you too πŸ€ πŸŽ‰09:08:28
@freenode_captainepoch:matrix.orgcaptainepochhappy new year :)12:24:09
@freenode_mimi89999:matrix.orgmimi89999I have an issue with reproducible builds.17:40:57
@freenode_mimi89999:matrix.orgmimi89999Resources.arsc differ even when I set `shrinkResources false`.17:41:39
@bubuiic:matrix.org@bubuiic:matrix.org mimi89999: that's a known problem 17:42:02
@freenode_mimi89999:matrix.orgmimi89999How to work around this?17:46:37
@bubuiic:matrix.org@bubuiic:matrix.orgyou can't without building upstream and fdroid version under disoderfs sorted mode17:47:04
@bubuiic:matrix.org@bubuiic:matrix.orgi think I've tracked the bug down to aapt2 tool17:47:24
@bubuiic:matrix.org@bubuiic:matrix.orgbut even when that's fixed google will need to integrate it into a new sdk release17:47:48
@freenode_mimi89999:matrix.orgmimi89999Is F-Droid using disorderfs?17:50:13
@freenode_mimi89999:matrix.orgmimi89999I need help with https://github.com/gryphius/androdns/issues/618:06:07
In reply to @freenode_mimi89999:matrix.org
Is F-Droid using disorderfs?
You can use it. See the briar build.
@nico:f-droid.orgNico Alt Marcus (BubuIIC) _hc: Did I get everything right at https://github.com/TeamNewPipe/NewPipe/issues/1981 ? 18:32:46
@nico:f-droid.orgNico AltDo you think we should promote this idea further or should we wait until we have at least on app doing it?18:33:38
@nico:f-droid.orgNico Alt I.e. I'm thinking about including it in a TWiF Γ  la β€œOne result of 35C3: NicoAlt wrote down an idea on how developers could push quicker updates to F-Droid users.” 18:35:22
@eighthave:matrix.org_hcI think we should work out the kinks first with interested developers, then promote it widely19:45:54
@freenode_mimi89999:matrix.orgmimi89999I think that we should finally get reproducible builds to work.19:56:16
@freenode_mimi89999:matrix.orgmimi89999Who is Holger?22:02:23
@freenode_mimi89999:matrix.orgmimi89999 > Holger discussed reproducible builds for the F-Droid (a catalogue of free-software applications for the Android platform) with the upstream developers at the 35C3 conference in Leipzig, Germany and participated at the Arch Linux meetup there as well. 22:02:42
@bubuiic:matrix.org@bubuiic:matrix.org mimi89999: https://wiki.debian.org/HolgerLevsen 22:04:04
@bubuiic:matrix.org@bubuiic:matrix.orgbut if that doesn't answer your question, holger has been working on reproducible builds, mostly for debian22:06:13
@freenode_mimi89999:matrix.orgmimi89999Never heard about him before.22:06:40

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