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27 Jan 2020
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08:54:15@bubu:bubu1.euBubu izzy: i don't :-(
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12:27:23@eighthave:matrix.org_hc izzy: its been summed up before, the whole thing is scheduled on a loop : checkupdates, build, update, deploy. The irregularity comes from the fact that it is very difficult to automate the building of thousands of user-submitted apps
12:28:56@eighthave:matrix.org_hcwhen the cycle breaks, it is almost always because of a issue somewhere
12:29:19@eighthave:matrix.org_hcoccasionally it is because the buildserver is being rebuilt
12:29:42@eighthave:matrix.org_hcthis test runs the process used on the official buildserver: https://gitlab.com/fdroid/fdroidserver/blob/master/jenkins-test#L64
12:30:15@eighthave:matrix.org_hcI think Ciaran would be happy to hand over lots of the operation
12:30:23@eighthave:matrix.org_hcit is just a matter of someone doing it
12:30:33@eighthave:matrix.org_hcthe full stack is free software
12:31:02@eighthave:matrix.org_hcfor example, someone could break out checkupdates into its own server, which submits via merge requests
12:31:07@eighthave:matrix.org_hcto fdroiddata
12:31:15@eighthave:matrix.org_hcthat wouldn't be so much work
12:31:23@eighthave:matrix.org_hcand it can be done incrementally
12:31:49@eighthave:matrix.org_hcthat would make the official cycle faster, since checkupdates it currently about 20-35% of the time spend
12:49:33@freenode_TheAssassin:matrix.orgTheAssassin hey there, is there any "status page" or so that we can check so we can tell our users when f-droid will be able to publish the latest newpipe hotfix?
13:18:51@eighthave:matrix.org_hchttps://f-droid.org/wiki/ more or less
13:19:09@eighthave:matrix.org_hc"recent build activity" show what the buildserver is currently doing
13:19:54@eighthave:matrix.org_hclike it finished deploy this morning, so its probably working on checkupdates
15:35:37@bubu:bubu1.euBubuJust submitted a mini-application for fdroid buildserver related things here: https://opencollective.com/open-source-speed-dating/events/open-source-speed-dating-fosdem-2020-96f78c6c
15:41:00@bubu:bubu1.euBubuWhich reminded me that we should set up an opencollective.
15:47:38@eighthave:matrix.org_hcawesome, sounds like a good opportunity
15:47:53@eighthave:matrix.org_hc Bubu: I totally agree, fdroid needs an opencollective
15:48:23@eighthave:matrix.org_hcI'm also thinking we should add opencollective and librepay as the preferred donation platforms, and integrate them nicely, since theyare both free software
18:58:33@freenode_izzy:matrix.orgizzy _hc: thanks! Do we have that summed up in a place where one can link to? I'd then add that link to my snippets.
18:59:58@freenode_izzy:matrix.orgizzy <M_hc[m] "it is very difficult to automate the building of thousands of user-submitted apps"> Yes, that part always made me wonder – especially as I see how much that already takes with my simple repo..
19:01:45@freenode_izzy:matrix.orgizzy If there were some hooks, at least checks could be "turned around" for apps supporting that (calling the hook after creating a release). But I'd have no idea on implementation (nor the time to do it, TBH).

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