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4 Apr 2020
01:19:52@freenode_zx2c4:matrix.orgzx2c4 "Use fdroid because it's up to date and their app has an autoupdater"
01:20:15@freenode_zx2c4:matrix.orgzx2c4i dont want to recommend something inbetween
01:20:47@freenode_zx2c4:matrix.orgzx2c4 so from my perspective, it seems like cdesai is basically saving fdroid's viability for wireguard
01:22:18@bubu:bubu1.euBubuthe error for wireguard was form yesterday, but the build cycle ended only a few hours ago.
01:31:35@bubu:bubu1.euBubu zx2c4: tbh, f-droid.org is currently not set up to deliver security updates reliably. This is something that might very well still not be fixed until the end of the year, even if we are working on that.
01:32:12@bubu:bubu1.euBubuthat doesn't mean that you cannot do that with a self-hosted f-droid repo through the f-droid app. That works quite well.
01:35:44@bubu:bubu1.euBubuanother option would be to remove wireguard completely from the f-droid.org repo that people can only install it when adding your custom repo, which will have the up-to-date version
01:36:03@bubu:bubu1.euBubuand we can readd it after infrastructure fixing
01:47:54@freenode_zx2c4:matrix.orgzx2c4hmm interesting
01:48:01@freenode_zx2c4:matrix.orgzx2c4 i guess we'll see how cdesai does over the next few weeks
01:48:06@freenode_zx2c4:matrix.orgzx2c4lord and savior of fdroid
01:50:04@freenode_zx2c4:matrix.orgzx2c4 Bubu: you got rid of the prebuild line during your change
01:50:05@freenode_zx2c4:matrix.orgzx2c4how come?
01:50:12@freenode_zx2c4:matrix.orgzx2c4bug got fixed?
01:52:34@bubu:bubu1.euBubuWas fixed and got deployed together with the gradle update.
01:52:56@freenode_zx2c4:matrix.orgzx2c4oh great
01:53:22@freenode_zx2c4:matrix.orgzx2c4welp, hopefully this thing builds this time around
01:53:30@freenode_zx2c4:matrix.orgzx2c4all the pieces should be there now
01:53:37@bubu:bubu1.euBubuFingers crossed.
01:53:46@bubu:bubu1.euBubuNeed sleep now.
01:53:55@freenode_zx2c4:matrix.orgzx2c4alrigh, gnite
06:29:31@freenode_wb9688:matrix.orgwb9688 joined the room.
06:29:31@freenode_wb9688:matrix.orgwb9688 I'm from NewPipe and I was wondering if F-Droid will use the old or the new changelog when it's edited after creating a Git tag for the release.
18:37:30@freenode_zx2c4:matrix.orgzx2c4https://f-droid.org/wiki/page/com.wireguard.android/lastbuild_472 day4729, still failed
18:43:13@freenode_jochensp:matrix.orgjochensp zx2c4: "This page was last modified on 2 April 2020" nothing new ;)
5 Apr 2020
00:51:41* @freenode_zx2c4:matrix.orgzx2c4 refreshes compulsively
6 Apr 2020
10:46:46@eighthave:matrix.org_hc wb9688: I think it will use the fastlane/triple-t changelog from the git tag
12:35:09@freenode_wb9688:matrix.orgwb9688Ah, I kinda expected that already.
12:49:11@freenode_jochensp:matrix.orgjochenspzx2c4: the new version is there, now ;)

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