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16 May 2019
@eighthave:matrix.org_hcI understand it is more work, but think of it from the user's perspective13:05:07
@eighthave:matrix.org_hcwouldn't you rather see app entries with those in them?13:05:20
@eighthave:matrix.org_hcI find screenshots very informative13:05:36
In reply to @freenode_Izzy:matrix.org
Btw: Bubu could you please delete rfp#984 (spam)? I can't.
@freenode_Izzy:matrix.orgIzzy _hc: <why do you say "punishing"> You don't remember? I guess it's still in the Readme of G-Droid… 17:09:05
@freenode_Izzy:matrix.orgIzzy <by adding one screenshot> 50% of the apps in my repo now have screenshots. The whatsnew will have to wait until I find time integrating that with my update process. 17:09:55
@freenode_Izzy:matrix.orgIzzy Bubu: thanks! 17:10:14
@freenode_Izzy:matrix.orgIzzy May I ask again what's the background of the "requirements" field not being present in the JSON index? Or is that an accident that noone yet discovered? 17:11:07
@eighthave:matrix.org_hcwhat's the "requirements" field19:00:11
@eighthave:matrix.org_hcI know the "features" stuff is barely implemented19:00:28
@eighthave:matrix.org_hcbut pretty close to being done19:00:34
@freenode_Izzy:matrix.orgIzzy _hc: in the XML index, this e.g. holds "RootRequired". 19:53:47
@freenode_Izzy:matrix.orgIzzy (I'm just preparing to add support for the JSON index to my PHP class; as a side effect, I now have a markdown document describing both XML and JSON index. I'd be glad if someone could check it over – and happy to offer it for the /docs) 19:56:15
@freenode_Izzy:matrix.orgIzzyCorresponding YAML Metadata field: RequiresRoot19:57:14
17 May 2019
@nico:f-droid.orgNico AltI'll soon update the forum, apologies for any downtime.07:34:21
@nico:f-droid.orgNico AltForum is back up.07:46:01
@bubu:bubu1.euBubuNico Alt: thanks! :-)08:28:18
@uniq:matrix.orguniq Izzy: looks like RequiresRoot was explicitly excluded looks index v1 when it was first implemented 08:41:42
@uniq:matrix.orguniq-looks +from08:42:17
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@eighthave:matrix.org_hc Izzy: RequiresRoot was only ever really implemented as text in the description. There is a half-implemented metadata field 12:59:32
@eighthave:matrix.org_hc uniq: I ran into the problem you described while testing with the Preferences singleton, it is indeed ugly 13:00:06
@eighthave:matrix.org_hcdid you have a solution?13:00:11
@uniq:matrix.orguniq _hc: Dependency Injection is the most common pattern to deal with this. 13:11:58
@uniq:matrix.orguniqAFIAK Dagger is the most famous DI library on Android, but it's a quite tedious chore to get it integrated.13:15:35
@uniq:matrix.orguniq Instead you could just pass a reference to the Preferences object instead of fetching it as singleton 13:16:31

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