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29 Apr 2021
@freenode_[gibot]:matrix.org[gibot][data] #2353: Proposal: Adding JSON schema for app metadata fil… - https://gitlab.com/fdroid/fdroiddata/issues/235311:58:06
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30 Apr 2021
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1 May 2021
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2 May 2021
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@freenode_izzy:matrix.orgizzyInteresting: I just stumbled upon Houdini (https://github.com/houdiniproject/houdini) – a self-hostable donation platform. They have no clear list of payment processors used, but from browsing their issues at least Stripe (urgs) and SEPA Direct (yay!) seem to be supported.15:02:38
@freenode_izzy:matrix.orgizzyTheir homepage is https://houdiniproject.org/ for more details. I have no idea how much would be needed to do to establish such an instance – but if it would be doable, we could even offer that to developers publishing their apps on F-Droid.15:04:05
@freenode_izzy:matrix.orgizzySupports recurring donations, too.15:05:02
@freenode_izzy:matrix.orgizzy ShortDesc: "Free and open source fundraising infrastructure for nonprofits and NGOs". From their website: "We help nonprofits, people, and movements thrive and maintain themselves." Looks like it's actively maintained. Needs Ruby, Node, Yarn & PostgreSQL, runs on Ubuntu 18.04, 20.04 "or equivalent". 15:07:59
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3 May 2021
@eighthave:matrix.org_hc izzy: running finances/bookkeeping is a ton of work, outside of the software. That's the biggest piece that opencollective and liberapay are providing 09:36:17
@eighthave:matrix.org_hcthat's like CRM for orgs with full time staff working on raising money09:36:53
@freenode_mimi89999:matrix.orgmimi89999Why are new signatures missing from `metadata/org.schabi.newpipe/signatures/`?09:52:10
@freenode_jochensp:matrix.orgjochenspmimi89999: because upstream does not provide them anymore10:37:12
@freenode_wb9688:matrix.orgwb9688 Because so often it wasn't exactly reproducible :/ 10:58:06
@festplattenschnitzel:matrix.orgFestplattenSchnitzelThe tools Mobilsicher https://mobilsicher.de/ uses for it's "App checker" https://appcheck.mobilsicher.de/ are free software https://git.app-check.org/app-check. This may help to review (new) apps although I doubt not many apps will send data to Google, Facebook, etc. ;)11:21:43
@festplattenschnitzel:matrix.orgFestplattenSchnitzelAnd yes and sorry; the first two websites are only available in German … :(11:24:39
@freenode_izzy:matrix.orgizzy FestplattenSchnitzel: MobilSicher is already in contact with us. They already started implementing support for F-Droid (I was "in session" with one of their devs to get them started), for their AppChecker :) 11:30:34
@freenode_izzy:matrix.orgizzy _hc: thanks, yes. Just wanted to throw it in, hoping someone can "draw" a connection to who might run that for us… 11:31:21
@eighthave:matrix.org_hc mimi89999: it would be worth trying again with the latest apksigner and apksigcopier support. 13:46:24
@eighthave:matrix.org_hcbasically, if an app is using recent Gradle, Gradle Android Plugin, buildToosl, etc. and is signed by apksigner, and is pure Java/kotlin, it should be reproducible even without upstream's participation13:47:16
@eighthave:matrix.org_hcNDK code makes that less likely13:47:25
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