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28 Apr 2021
In reply to @freenode_cdesai:matrix.org
so it will try to merge if that won't create a merge commit, otherwise it'll rebase.
Thanks! Trying to understand
@freenode_cdesai:matrix.orgcdesai _hc: not sure if you noticed, but 09:58:55
@freenode_cdesai:matrix.orgcdesai8.5MB 1.12-alpha*09:58:56
@freenode_cdesai:matrix.orgcdesai8.2MB 1.12.109:58:56
@freenode_cdesai:matrix.orgcdesai7.2MB 1.13-alpha009:58:56
@eighthave:matrix.org_hc cdesai: yeah, proletarius101 converted all the PNGs to vector drawables! Nice little benefit 10:27:56
@eighthave:matrix.org_hcalso less libs needed since the minSdk is 2210:30:04
@proletarius101:matrix.orgproletarius101 I'm not sure but, it seems the search fab is already white? _hc 10:49:25
@eighthave:matrix.org_hc proletarius101: hmm yes it is in 1.13-alpha0, I just upgraded. 11:24:10
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@freenode_romo:matrix.orgromo hey guys. I'm currently trying to verify F-Droid.apk. so far I've pulled one pubkey from keyserver.ubuntu.com and another copy from gitlab fdroidclient repo. they both return "key has expired". is there a secure download source for a current pubkey? 20:52:20
@obfusk:matrix.org幸猫it looks like the subkeys for the admin@f-droid.org GPG key expired on 2021-04-2420:56:26
@freenode_romo:matrix.orgromo so, as long as the fingerprint matches f-droid.orgs "release channels and signing keys" and gpg reports "good signature", the pubkey from gitlab.com/fdroid/fdroidclinet should be a-okay to use now? 21:01:49
@obfusk:matrix.org幸猫 romo: it was a-okay 4 days ago. this should be fixed, but I have no reason to believe anything has changed in the last 4 days. 21:04:28
@freenode_romo:matrix.orgromo 幸猫: okay, thank you for the help. I was starting to doubt my ability to either download things or import keys. 21:08:36
@obfusk:matrix.org幸猫 romo: I just verified (on my end at least) that https://f-droid.org/F-Droid.apk.asc is made using the same GPG key, and that the APK is signed with the same APK key, as the GPG signature and APK from October that were still sitting in my downloads folder. all fingerprints match what's listed in https://f-droid.org/en/docs/Release_Channels_and_Signing_Keys/. 21:23:50
@obfusk:matrix.org幸猫 _hc: ^ 21:26:25
@freenode_romo:matrix.orgromo 幸猫: thank you very much for taking the time to recheck, that'll do. I'm now feeling confident populating my phone with all things useful and fun. 21:29:19
29 Apr 2021
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@freenode_DanDan:matrix.orgDanDan _hc: The current command to sync from Lysator on the page "Running a Mirror" will create an extra directory level. Can the rsync command be changed to either use the rsync-module "fdroid" or have a slash added at the end? 02:05:32
@freenode_cdesai:matrix.orgcdesaihttps://gitlab.com/fdroid/fdroid-website/-/blob/master/_docs/Running_a_Mirror.md this is the source of that page.03:10:10
@freenode_izzy:matrix.orgizzy <since the minSdk is 22> That could be what fixed the "index auto-update" issue on Nougat. Since the last release, that seems to work here on my N device. 06:45:14
@eighthave:matrix.org_hchey all, I can't make the call part today, but I'm available async 10:34:15
@freenode_izzy:matrix.orgizzy For everyone else – cdesai FestplattenSchnitzel jochensp linsui SylvieLorxu uniq – there's also https://meet.keanu.im/fdroid (I'm there now). 11:30:04

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