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1 Feb 2022
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@telegram_1310950209:t2bot.ioHalil B.
In reply to Riccardo Cancelliere
Google is doing something!
@telegram_25172294:t2bot.ioRiccardo Cancelliere
In reply to Halil B.
Thank you so much Mr. Halil.
@telegram_25172294:t2bot.ioRiccardo Cancelliere* Thank you so much Mr. Halil.👍🏻23:21:01
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2 Feb 2022
@gabrotst:matrix.orggtstGuys I'd anticipate the signing and publishing process this time, the NewPipe thing caused a lot of people to freak out and you'll probably get a lot of support and update requests until you deliver the updated version (0.21.16) on your repository00:07:17
In reply to @clynical:fairydust.space
Is there a newpipe Matrix room or something like this?
#newpipe:matrix.org , not very hard, but it's not very used, it's probably not followed by the developers ordinarily
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