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17 Nov 2022
@_oftc_Licaon_Kter[xmpp]:matrix.orgLicaon_Kter[xmpp] > how can i download aurora store without fdroid? 05:56:27
@_oftc_Licaon_Kter[xmpp]:matrix.orgLicaon_Kter[xmpp] F-Droid Client works fine... or you don't have it already? 05:56:27
@telegram_5328330762:t2bot.ioLisa Brewington /id@matrix_t2bot 06:00:16
In reply to @_oftc_Licaon_Kter[xmpp]:matrix.org
F-Droid Client works fine... or you don't have it already?
not installed on my phone
@_oftc_Licaon_Kter[xmpp]:matrix.orgLicaon_Kter[xmpp] Here's the apk from a mirror: https://ftp.fau.de/fdroid/repo/org.fdroid.fdroid_1015053.apk 06:04:15
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@sp.6.ina:matrix.orgMariusz SP6INA joined the room.06:15:48
@SylvieLorxu:matrix.orgSylviaI guess the https://cloudflare.f-droid.org/ mirror still works although it seems a bit outdated (November 7 is most recent app update)06:18:40
@SylvieLorxu:matrix.orgSylviaBut those help to get F-Droid itself which seems to still work06:19:42
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@telegram_1265991378:t2bot.io° changed their display name from Kirg to °.07:21:52
In reply to @sony1:matrix.org
what happend to fdroid website?
Fdroid website is back up.
@opticalrice:matrix.orgOpticalRice joined the room.07:37:11
@opticalrice:matrix.orgOpticalRiceis droid-ify best client for now?07:43:59
@telegram_5678432904:t2bot.ioThe Power Is Yours !!!
In reply to @opticalrice:matrix.org
is droid-ify best client for now?
I find it the best till date tbvh
@_oftc_u53r:matrix.orgu53r > opticalrice: 08:07:32
@_oftc_u53r:matrix.orgu53r > 2022-11-17 08:44 (GMT+01:00) 08:07:35
@_oftc_u53r:matrix.orgu53r > is droid-ify best client for now? 08:07:36
@_oftc_u53r:matrix.orgu53rI think it is the best alternative too.08:07:36
@opticalrice:matrix.orgOpticalRicety for the answers. I felt that way too but... I wanted to ask the experts :D08:10:20
@opticalrice:matrix.orgOpticalRice changed their display name from opticalrice to OpticalRice.08:10:45
@_oftc_jochensp:matrix.orgjochenspthe experts recommend the official client08:10:59
In reply to @opticalrice:matrix.org
is droid-ify best client for now?
So far yes.

I love it. It syncs repositories faster than the official client and that too so many of them within some time.
@_oftc_Licaon_Kter[xmpp]:matrix.orgLicaon_Kter[xmpp] Anosh: it's faster since it ignores locales, right? 08:23:03
@rdfg77:kde.orglinsuiAnyway, index-v2 makes the difference unnoticeable.08:26:30
@_oftc_Licaon_Kter[xmpp]:matrix.orgLicaon_Kter[xmpp] linsui: no spoilers ;) 08:30:24
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@_oftc_pombreda:matrix.orgpombredaHiya :) who else could chime in on the license of package data at https://gitlab.com/fdroid/fdroiddata/-/issues/2826 ? who could/should I ask? FWIW, here is code I hacked yesterday to make sense of the index-v2.json at https://github.com/nexB/purldb/pull/10 08:53:03
25 Nov 2022
In reply to @pointblank:matrix.org
it's probably not something you need on your phone all the time unless you install a whole bunch of apps regularly. i just scanned all of mine, and then removed it cuz i dont like unused apps
Good advice

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