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10 Dec 2021
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In reply to @slowandcurious:matrix.org
Hashi: I tried. It's faulty with any setting. System processes need to get internet access for a second and then it works.
Yeah sometimes these happen to me when internet is slow(your reason might be different)
@stencil:matrix.orgHashiSo after updating the update button is still there. I even reloaded the repo. On the app page, it says Open(installed) but on the update tab, it has an update button08:43:36
@slowandcurious:matrix.orgslowandcurious Hashi I tend to believe there is single request done to resolve DoH server IP, this is done through the fallback mechanism using simple UDP/53. However I can not understand why it does not work with DoH off 08:45:34
@slowandcurious:matrix.orgslowandcuriouswhile other phone with almost identical software works without any issues with all system apps blocked and only DNS daemon reaching the internet08:46:49
@slowandcurious:matrix.orgslowandcuriousBtw the healthy phone is set up to use quad9 DoH08:47:32
@slowandcurious:matrix.orgslowandcuriousAnyone can suggest how can I use something like tcpdump on non-rooted phone? 08:49:06
@slowandcurious:matrix.orgslowandcuriousI need to see at least which software is failing to communicate. Surprisingly NeyGuard does not show any connection attempts 🙄08:51:02
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