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14 Sep 2021
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@_oftc_parsnip:matrix.orgparsnipis there a way to get notification when new version is on store?19:05:58
@_oftc_parsnip:matrix.orgparsnipof an app i release?19:06:08
@_oftc_parsnip:matrix.orgparsnip basically, i'm waiting to close / reply to an issue regarding the app 19:06:40
@_oftc_parsnip:matrix.orgparsnip it's fairly cosmetic, so i'm itching to close it 19:06:56
@_oftc_parsnip:matrix.orgparsnip i know it's built, so knowing when a wave of apps hits store would suffice 19:07:40
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@_oftc_tepozoa:matrix.orgtepozoaparsnip: someone posted this awhile back, I just crawled my buffer https://f-droid.org/api/v1/packages/org.fdroid.fdroid19:24:45
@_oftc_parsnip:matrix.orgparsnipseems to correspond with the three versions on store19:25:59
@_oftc_tepozoa:matrix.orgtepozoa https://forum.f-droid.org/t/f-droid-now-provides-json-api/11016 <- source 19:26:00
In reply to @telegram_130542463:t2bot.io
For more information there is a thread on the f-droid forum about divestos and where the developer is also very active: https://forum.f-droid.org/t/divestos-long-term-device-support-with-enhanced-privacy-and-security
I've read the most of it (and done some other research): it's a good project and the team is deeply committed. It's always motivating and moving to see how few people can take their strength and try to make the difference offering something sincere in which they believe in. Thank you a lot for sharing this project.
@_oftc_parsnip:matrix.orgparsnipso would i have to come up with some way to be notified that f-droid has released new apps? with the other stores, i get an email that the app is up19:39:12
@_oftc_parsnip:matrix.orgparsnipat least the badge seems like a fast load19:39:41
@_oftc_tepozoa:matrix.orgtepozoa I hear you, I'm just a user here so an actual dev might stop by with a better answer (you can also find them in #fdroid-dev) - just helping share what's in my scrollback buffer :) 19:48:41
@_oftc_jochensp:matrix.orgjochenspparsnip: I guess a RSS feed would be easy, if you want to come up with a patch :)19:50:02
@_oftc_parsnip:matrix.orgparsnip tepozoa: it's useful, i added badges to my wiki so at least i have a quick way to check 19:50:47
@_oftc_parsnip:matrix.orgparsnipthe play store badge is currently a little hackich19:51:23

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