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22 Jul 2021
@_oftc_buzel:matrix.orgbuzel joined the room.02:47:58
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@_oftc_tsomers_:matrix.orgtsomers_fdroid suddenly stopped syncing.03:16:55
@_oftc_tsomers_:matrix.orgtsomers_ I had just installed newpipe (I think it was newpipe) and then it just stopped syncing with the repo. It wouldn't display any apps and I couldn't even use it to manage already installed apps. 03:17:58
@_oftc_tsomers_:matrix.orgtsomers_ I tried restarting my phone and that didn't work. 03:18:10
@_oftc_tsomers_:matrix.orgtsomers_ left the room.03:18:27
@_oftc_tpefreedom:matrix.orgtpefreedom joined the room.03:18:27
@_oftc_tpefreedom:matrix.orgtpefreedomAnd now it works just fine again.03:30:14
@_oftc_tpefreedom:matrix.orgtpefreedomthat was weird.03:30:20
@_oftc_tpefreedom:matrix.orgtpefreedom Wasn't a version of icecat in fdroid? 03:32:47
@telegram_864994977:t2bot.ioPerseo joined the room.03:38:39
@nerdyanarchist:matrix.orgNerdy Anarchist
In reply to @_oftc_tpefreedom:matrix.org
Wasn't a version of icecat in fdroid?
No idea....I know Fennec is available though
@_oftc_tpefreedom:matrix.orgtpefreedomWhat about orfox?04:23:54
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@atahabaki:matrix.orgA. Taha BakiHi, I want to publish my android app to the f-droid and I couldn't found how...06:28:40
@obfusk:matrix.org幸猫 (𝗍𝗁𝖾𝗒/𝗍𝗁𝖾𝗆)
In reply to @atahabaki:matrix.org
Hi, I want to publish my android app to the f-droid and I couldn't found how...
@atahabaki:matrix.orgA. Taha Bakithanx06:29:53

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